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Financial support

Information for new students at the University of Greenwich about student finance and fees. Consider your student finance options.

If you have applied for a tuition fee loan, your eligibility for support notification will be available to view in your online account. You will not receive a paper version and so you may want to print it off and keep a copy for your records.

If you are still waiting to hear back, you will still be able to register. Will allow you temporary registration for a maximum of 6 weeks after which you must provide us with a copy of the notification that is available through your online account and confirms that you have agreed to have your tuition fees paid via a tuition fee loan.

If you are subsequently advised that you need to pay your own fees, you should visit our Paying your fees page for information on how you can do this.

If you have already been assessed and need to make a contribution towards your fees, you will need to pay at least 50 per cent of your contribution when you register.

Applying for your student support

Student Finance England

The application process to apply for student support opens in March each year.

There are deadlines by which you need to make your application each year to ensure that your student support is available to you for the start of the academic year and so you should ensure that you apply as soon as possible. If you have not already, apply for it now.

There are a range of resources available online to help you, try using the student finance calculator to a get a quick estimate of what student loans, grants, bursaries and other funding you could get for full-time, part-time and EU students.

If you're the parent or partner of a student you'll normally need to support a student finance application.

During your application we strongly suggest that you agree to 'Consent to Share', which will enable us to assess you for any income based applicable bursaries and scholarships.

Useful tools and guidance

For a range of helpful tools and guidance visit:

Support and advice

We recommend that you spend time planning your finances both before coming to university and while you are here. We can offer advice on living costs and budgeting, as well as on awards, allowances and loans and will regularly update our pages to advise you of any changes. Further information can be found on our money doctors webpages.

Continuing students

Student Finance England will be contacting students from the end of February to advise on the application process.

Students living in other parts of the UK Students living in other parts of the UK have their own funding arrangements for tuition fees.

Visit the following websites for further information.

Managing your money

Help and advice
Our student finance team can give you advice and guidance on everything from living costs and budgeting to awards, allowances and loans.