Student support University of Greenwich

The university offers a range of welfare and support services to help you make the most of your time with us.

International Student Advice Service
The International Student Advice Service provides immigration advice to applicants, students and graduates of the university. We also provide support with non-immigration matters related to living in the UK, such as opening bank accounts, accessing the NHS and your personal safety.

Disability and dyslexia 
Guidance and support to disabled students and those with learning difficulties who work and study at the university.

The Chaplaincy Team offer help and guidance to all regardless of individual belief.

Health and medical services 
Access to medical centres and services, and advice on health and wellbeing.

Counselling services 
Including one-to-one sessions, positive-thinking workshops and email counselling.

Sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexual assault
We are committed to working towards preventing sexual violence and take a zero-tolerance approach. If you have experienced sexual assault, sexual violence or sexual harassment, there are several services available to you.

London Nightline 
London Nightline is a confidential listening, support, and practical information service for students in London.