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Sustainability at the University of Greenwich University of Greenwich

The university recognises that meeting sustainable development objectives is crucial to our students, our planet and ultimately our future success.

We have developed a strategic approach and tools that enable us to focus on important areas. We work to reduce our negative impacts and use sustainable development as a driver to add value, opportunities and benefits. We employ sustainability principles not only in our estates and operations (for example, reducing our energy and waste generation), but we also work to integrate sustainability into our curriculum and research work. We recognise that almost all sustainability impacts are due to human behaviours, so we work with our staff, students and our wider community to improve their awareness and actions.

Our Sustainability Policy sets out the direction, the areas we focus upon and the goals we seek. A number of strategies and sub policies support this including:

Our Sustainability Management Board has responsibilities to help develop and implement our strategy and to help achieve our goals.

We work in collaboration with our Students Union and with students in a range of ways to enable them to understand and apply sustainability in their learning, research and lives.

Our sustainability work is extensive and we would like to share this with you. Visit our sustainability information and support hub to explore what we are doing, and to find information about how you can learn and help us all move towards our sustainable vision.

Further information

For further information please contact the Sustainable Development Unit:


Phone: 0208 331 8794

Twitter: @Sust_Greenwich


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