You asked: Who do I contact for help on admission?

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Our Enquiry Unit deals with most admissions issues and can be contacted on 020 8331 9000.


The Student Finance & Financial Support Team offer a confidential advice and information service to all students at the University of Greenwich on finance and general money matters. You can contact them online or on the following telephone numbers:

  • Greenwich Finance Office – Telephone: 020 8331 8526
  • Avery Hill Student Finance – Telephone: 020 8331 9585
  • Medway Student Finance – Telephone: 020 8331 9324


During your school induction programme, you are required to complete registration with the university. This confirms your student status and allows access to all facilities, including library and computing. The time of your registration, if this process is not part of your induction, will be given during the induction programme, which is usually in the first week of academic session.

On completion of registration, you will be given a student resource card which ensures access to the university. If you miss the registration date because you have arrived after the beginning of the academic year, your School office will inform you when and how to register.

For more information on registration and what you need to bring along read our joining instructions, or you may wish to contact your school directly.

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