Mental health University of Greenwich

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health difficulty at some point in their lives (Mental Health Statistics, 2014). In regards to university students, as many as 20% are known to have a mental health problem (NUS,2013).  This documentary is about four students who have various mental health difficulties such as depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and personality disorder whilst being a university student. The documentary explores elements of their lives such as the support received from family and friends, different types of treatment undergone (for example medication) and what a bad day is like for them. Their stories are told by themselves with little input from the makers to show a true representation of their experiences.

All those involved have been to university, and have now all graduated, showing that mental health difficulties does not necessarily stop you from reaching your goals.

The documentary was made by four third year students, studying Digital Television and Interactive Media as part of their third year projects. Two of these students have specific learning difficulties themselves.

One of the third years, Fran, is dyslexic  and has also worked as an *AccessAbility Ambassador for the university. As she was such a star ambassador, she is one of only two ambassadors to be retained after graduation to work as an *AccessAbility Graduate. Fran selected this particular programme as it was coursework based which she preferred due to being able to spend more time checking and completing work and not stressing under examination conditions.


NUS, 2013

If you have a mental health difficulty yourself and are a prospective student or an existing student at the University of Greenwich, it is worth considering informing the disability and dyslexia team ( as there may be support available to assist you with your studies.