Care leaver financial support

Your time at university should be enjoyable and rewarding so it is important it is not spoiled by financial worries. Here are some of the financial benefits that may be available to you and how to access them.

Local authority support

In 2009 the Government introduced a local authority bursary of £2,000 to be paid to all relevant care leavers entering higher education. You should speak to your local authority to determine how you will receive your bursary as it can be paid in a lump sum or, in certain circumstances, in instalments. Local authorities also have a responsibility to offer assistance with accommodation and other costs related to entering higher education. The bursary cannot therefore be paid by the local authority towards these costs.

You should ensure that you discuss with your local authority what level of support they will provide you with in addition to the bursary.

Student support

Full-time undergraduate students are entitled to apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan to cover the costs of study and a maintenance loan and grant for general living costs.

Whether you qualify for the grant will depend on your circumstances. As a care leaver you are likely to be required to provide a letter from your local authority to confirm your previous care arrangements.

University bursaries and scholarships

At the University of Greenwich, we provide young care leavers with a bursary of £1,000 a year for up to three years. As part of the bursary, we provide £100 towards the cost of graduation. This bursary is not means-tested, but you are required to be in receipt of full student support.

There are a number of additional awards to which you may be entitled.

Access to Learning Fund

This fund is available to students throughout their university careers to provide additional support to help them remain and succeed in higher education. The fund is means-tested, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive an award, but if you find yourself in difficulty speak to a finance adviser, who can help you apply.

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