Date of release: Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dr Nazanin ZandA new Masters course designed in partnership with top food manufacturers has been launched by the University of Greenwich.

Today’s food industry has a growing demand for creative graduates keen to meet the nation’s demand for nutritious products and healthy meals. Greenwich is meeting the challenge, taking advantage of its state-of-the-art laboratories and pharmaceuticals facilities at the Medway Campus.

The pioneering MSc in Food Innovation is being led by Dr Nazanin Zand, who has more than a decade’s experience of working in the food and catering industry. Dr Zand, the university’s Senior Lecturer in Food Science and Nutrition, has helped to develop healthy food products for children following Jamie Oliver’s school meals campaign.

She says: “The job opportunities for skilled graduates in the food industry, which contributes more than £96 billion to the UK economy, are tremendous. They are actively seeking creative thinkers with the latest knowledge and techniques at their fingertips.

“We have created the course in partnership with such leading companies as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Starbucks, Dairy Crest, Allied Bakeries and the National Skills Academy.

“Our shared aim is to attract life sciences graduates, as well as students with first degrees in business and marketing. The course is also highly appropriate for chefs and other enthusiastic and ambitious people currently working in the food industry.”

Dr Zand adds: “At the university’s Medway Campus we have the perfect facilities to work creatively across all the science disciplines required – including pharmaceuticals.

“Our students will gain professional qualifications in the key fields of food hygiene and safety, and a thorough knowledge of developing high-quality and efficient manufacturing systems. Most importantly, they will have access to the equipment to work on and test the latest techniques in advanced food encapsulation, which protects fragile ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, during processing.

“They will also build on their theoretical and laboratory work at the university with visits and study placements within the industry, offering an even greater insight into the food and nutrition challenges we are all facing.

“There are many rewarding career opportunities for those keen to create the foods of the future. Students will also learn to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes, to meet the demands of a progressive industry and rapidly developing markets.”

The MSc in Food Innovation is a Faculty-wide development including the Natural Resources Institute in the university’s Faculty of Engineering & Science. It can be completed full-time over one year or part-time, over two or three years, as part of a career professional development (CPD) programme.

To find out more, see or call 020 8331 9000.

Story by Public Relations