Date of release: Monday, April 7, 2014

University research earnings up by 11 per centIndustry, governments and charities all use the expertise of researchers at the University of Greenwich. That business was worth nearly £16 million last year – up 11 per cent – with new contracts also reaching record levels at £16.5 million.

From space travel to broadband, social care to banking, pharmaceuticals to renewable energy, the university is engaged in some of the most exciting and cutting-edge challenges facing society today.

Professor Tom Barnes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research & Enterprise says: “We are working with people at every level, from local communities to global partnerships, to improve lives and solve problems. This is what keeps our research relevant and ensures students are learning the latest skills and technologies which will help them find jobs.

“Our commitment to first class research is attracting a growing number of top experts and postgraduate students.” One fifth of the total student community of 28,000, based in the UK and overseas, is postgraduate.

Many of the projects which today earn thousands of pounds, started off as ‘blue-sky’ ideas with funding from the university. Dr Josh Davies, the forensic psychologist interviewed on BBC’s The One Show last year about ‘super recognisers’ – people who have an incredible memory for faces – was able to prove his theories about face recognition from CCTV and composite images with help from internal grants. Today his expertise in identification software design and training is sought after by police forces and industry across the world.

Other projects range from changing the way the UK’s national institutions like the government and NHS operate – for instance to ensure low-paid workers receive the minimum wage or young people get the best sexual health advice – to world class teams leading the way in critical areas including fire safety, high-technology reliability and international development.

Story by Public Relations