Date of release: Monday, August 12, 2013

Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise conference 2013A prestigious global conference tackling themes of innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge and creativity is taking place at the University of Greenwich between 10 and 13 September.

The event will bring together practitioners and subject experts from around the world to share ideas and provide insights into some of the emerging issues and challenges facing all countries.

Topics at the 2013 KIE (Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise) Conference include knowledge and education, work-based learning, creative digital technologies, management and technological innovation, marketing and business strategies.

Speakers include Professor Jill Jameson, Director of the University of Greenwich’s Centre for Leadership & Enterprise, who is also leading a workshop on e-leadership, trust and innovation. Professor Martin Binks, Dean of Nottingham University’s Business School, will deliver a keynote speech on the role of universities in promoting radical innovation.

Also speaking are Professor Sylvia van de Bunt Kokhuis, of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, who was once voted among the 600 most influential people in the Netherlands; Dr Dom Heger, President and CEO of DHTechnologies, Texas, USA; and Dr Appolo Tankeh, a Corporate Finance and Strategy Expert at IBM Corporation, New York.

Professor Jameson says: “This event will enable global experts from diverse fields of knowledge to share creative entrepreneurial ideas. It comes at a time when leaders need to respond to the urgent national and international challenges facing higher education, research and business.

“Highlights at the conference will include discussions from the European International Roundtable on Big Data Analytics. There will also be in-depth consideration of the ways in which entrepreneurial talent can be developed, despite the prevailing mood of austerity.”

Dr James Ogunleye of Middlesex University and the University of Greenwich, the UK & Executive Director of the Adam Smith Centre for Research into Innovation & Enterprise at the Academy of Innovation and Management, is chairing the conference.

A series of special workshops will be taking place during the four days of the conference. There will also be opportunities for networking and for delegates to seek out potential research project partners

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