Date of release: Monday, June 17, 2013

Greenwich Water TalksIs the pendulum swinging back towards public ownership of water services? And what prompts society to accept or reject decisions taken on their behalf by technocrats and politicians? These are among the questions to be discussed at the second in the series of Water Talks held by the University of Greenwich on Thursday 20 June.

In 2011 social movements won a momentous victory when 95% of 27.6 million Italian citizens voted against water privatisation in a national referendum. In 2010 the city of Paris remunicipalised its water supply service after 25 years. In June 2013, the city of Berlin is following suit.

The speakers are Emanuele Lobina, Principal Lecturer, Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), Business School, University of Greenwich; Professor Veronica Strang, from the University of Durham ; and Alberto Ruiz-Villaverde, from the University of Granada. The event will be chaired by Jane Lethbridge, the newly appointed Director of PSIRU.

Emanuele Lobina, who has organised the event, says: “Water supply and sanitation are essential services. Who delivers them, and their ability to meet societal expectations, are of paramount importance. These are questions that cannot be ignored”.

The second Water Talk will be held at the Greenwich Campus, KW002, between 2pm and 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For further information on the Greenwich Water Talks series, contact Emanuele Lobina or see

Story by Public Relations