Date of release: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dr Rachel ArmstrongA Greenwich academic has been named as one of the most inspiring women of 2012.

Dr Rachel Armstrong, a researcher at the Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory in the university’s School of Architecture, Design & Construction, features in women’s lifestyle and technology website Chip Chick’s Top Nine Inspiring Women of 2012.

She is placed at number six in the list, which includes the musician and entrepreneur Beyoncé Knowles and architect Zaha Hadid.

The article praises Rachel’s work on inner technologies such as synthetic biology, which combines science and engineering to create new materials which can have a positive impact on the environment and help build sustainable structures. An example is paint that can absorb carbon dioxide, which creates fresher air, and changes colour when it becomes ‘full’.

Rachel, pictured, has also been nominated in the non-fiction category of the British Science Fiction Association awards for her Kindle short book, Living Architecture: How Synthetic Biology Can Remake Our Cities and Reshape Our Lives. The book deals with Rachel’s work on buildings that possess some of the properties of living systems yet do not have the full status of being 'truly' alive.

Rachel says: “It is very flattering to be listed in such grand company and it’s especially nice to see the book recognised as it is an experimental melange of fact, speculative fiction and video.”

Rachel recently appeared on London Real TV, a weekly web-based discussion show, to discuss her work:

Chip Chick’s Top nine Inspiring Women of 2012 is here: