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Our faculties run award-winning research programmes that make valuable contributions to business, industry and the community.

Research is led by experienced directors of research recognised internationally for their contributions. They give postgraduates the opportunity to carry out leading research at world-class facilities, and provide businesses with world-leading expertise.

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Your comprehensive list of research activities happening right now across the university.

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Business School

We influence and enhance business policy and practice, with research programmes that focus on eight key areas: social network analysis; supply chain management; political economy; work and employment; organisational behaviour; governance, risk and accountability; public services and tourism.

Research groups - Business

Faculty of Education & Health

A hub of high-quality academic and applied research into education, health, psychology and social care.

Research groups - Education & Health

Faculty of Engineering & Science

Our research has received worldwide praise and recognition. The faculty's researchers regularly present their work at national and international conferences, and our postgraduate students frequently secure top positions.

Research groups - Engineering & Science

Welcome to the eCentre!

The eCentre is the University of Greenwich's research centre for digital technologies, the development and use of new services and technologies across the web, and any other distributed systems.  We have an interest in e-learning, e-assessment and e-portfolio, e-health, e-governance, e-inclusion, and smart systems.

On these pages you will find information about the different research groups that work under the umbrella of the eCentre (which is multi–disciplinary and university wide), the projects that they are working on and the outputs that they have produced. You will also find information on our PhD students and their projects, on the resources that we have developed or that we have used and find useful, and on the events that we are either running or intend to go to.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, or any of the things we do, you will also find contact information and we will be happy to chat or email to discuss your interest.

Please get in touch if you would like to become involved in any way with our activities.