If you have changed your name and require a duplicate certificate University of Greenwich

After a student has been officially awarded a qualification, credit or other academic achievement from the University of Greenwich we are unable to make amendments to the name held on our Student Records System or make alterations to the name presented on the award documents*.  

This means that the name shown on the certificate will be the students' full name at the time the award is made at the Progression and Award Board (PAB).  A change of name after that date will not result in a change of name on the certificate, it will be for the student to keep evidence that he/she was previously known by the name on the certificate

This is in accordance to university regulations and guidance agreed to by a student of the university at the point of registration.  Most of this information can be found in the Principal Conditions of Registration

When a student registers with the university they are able to check the name(s) held on their student record and has the opportunity to raise a query with the relevant teams within the institution.  When a student initially registers with the University of Greenwich, a member of staff (or a representative at our partner, network or collaborative institution) will use identity documents (i.e. a passport) to confirm, and amend if necessary, the details held.  These details will be used in many areas of a student's university experience and will appear on the award certificates.

If a student undergoes a change of name during their studies they must inform the relevant Student Centre, who will look to process the change of the record, but it must be supported by documentary evidence (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll) and the student will be made aware that this evidence will be scanned and stored against their student record.  

Students are informed in these regulations and guidance documents that they are responsible to notifying the university of any changes to their name and that the university will not be liable for any out of date information or incorrect information that they have provided.  Students are also informed that they will be responsible for any consequences (such as the cost of re-issuing documents or certificates, if the university is able to do so) of not keeping my information correct and up to date.


The University of Greenwich will look at requests for a change of name on award documentation if the former student has changed their name due to identifying as transgender or has undergone gender reassignment.  To process these request, please contact the Conferments Team directly by email (conferments@gre.ac.uk) for advice.  However evidence of the legal name change would still be required (i.e. deed poll).

If a name change is then processed, the original certificate must be returned before a replacement is issued.  However the Conferments Team will be able to provide guidance on how to do this when contacted.