Working during study University of Greenwich

This information is about working in the UK during study.  For information about working in the UK after study, visit our 'Visas after study' pages.

Many international students work part-time during their studies. Working can help you improve your finances and CV, gain new skills and meet new people.

Am I entitled to work in the UK?

Your right to work in the UK as an international student depends on whether you are a student from:

  • the EEA (European Economic Area) / a Swiss national
  • outside of the EEA  
  • Croatia

If you are a student from an EEA  country (apart from Croatia), or Switzerland, you can work in the UK freely alongside your studies.  

If you are from Croatia or outside of the EEA, restrictions will be highly likely to apply to you.  It is extremely important that you make sure you understand what restrictions do apply to you. This is because if you breach conditions, you can face serious consequences. 

If you hold a UK visa, It is a criminal offence to work when you are not permitted to do so or to work in breach of the conditions of your visa.

See the information at the bottom of the page for more information about restrictions on working during study.  

If you are a Bulgarian or Romanian student wishing to work alongside study, please note that you no longer need authorisation from the Home Office to do so. See the link below ('students from A2 accession states') for more information.

More information

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