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Attendance Monitoring Regulations University of Greenwich

Students are expected to attend all timetabled events, submit all assessments, and attend examinations and should be aiming for 100% attendance.

The attendance monitoring system used by the university is especially relevant to Tier 4 international students.  This is because a condition of the Tier 4 visa is that you must be in full attendance on your programme of study. The Tier 4 regulations require the university to keep a record of a student's attendance and report to the UK Visas & Immigration students who are not in regular attendance. Demonstrating a good attendance record is therefore extremely important. Students must be fully engaged with their programme during term-timeTo ensure students can meet the attendance requirements they must live within reasonable travel distance of their campus.

1. Registration 

You must complete the registration process to be fully registered. A student, who is not fully registered, within the prescribed time, will be withdrawn from the system and UK Visas & Immigration notified.  This results in your Tier 4 visa being cancelled (curtailed.)

2. Classroom Attendance 

You must attend all lectures, seminars and tutorials that you are scheduled to attend. 

3. Submission of coursework and other assessments

Coursework must be completed and submitted on time.

Undergraduate Students 

Term-time is the dates officially stated on the university calendar. Revision/self-study weeks are part of term-time. 

Postgraduate students 

Term-time is the dates officially stated on the university calendar. Revision/self-study and supported study weeks are part of term-time. There is a limited summer vacation of one week. If you wish to return home to write up your project you must ask your Programme Leader / Supervisor for their consent. If agreed, you will need to complete an 'authorised absence' form and a 'travelling during term time' form, which the Programme Leader will authorise by signing. 

PhD Students 

PhD students are contracted to 30 days vacation per year. This must be discussed and agreed with the Supervisor and an 'authorised absence' form completed. Students should be engaged in full-time research and study at all other times, including the summer vacation period.                                                                                               

Students studying abroad or on work placements in the UK or overseas 

Students undertaking a work placement or studying abroad must ensure they are registered for the academic year. Arrangements must be agreed with the Programme Leader for attendance monitoring. This must occur at least once monthly and can be in the form of:

  •  Reports/email briefings
  • Visits/meetings
  •  Work placement reports


If you are unable to attend tutorials and lectures, submit assessments or take exams you will be noted as absent.

1. Authorised absences
If you are absent from a scheduled class activity, you are required to submit an apology, explaining your absence. You can do this by logging on to the portal, go to 'My Faculty'. Under 'Register' click on 'submit your apologies for not attending'. If you provide a valid reason for your absence your Faculty can register this as an 'authorised absence'.
If you need to leave the country for a limited period you must contact your Programme Leader to obtain a 'travelling during term time' form and also complete an 'authorised absence' form.
If you do not submit course assessments or do not attend examinations, this will also count as an absence. You can submit an extenuating circumstances form if there has been a valid reason why you could not submit your assessment eg. Illness.  Ask your academics for guidance about submitting extenuating circumstances.

2. Unauthorised absences
If you are absent from your classroom activities and you have not provided an apology this will be treated as an unauthorised absence.
If you have a number of unauthorised absences over two weeks your Faculty will email you for an explanation and to remind you to attend. If your attendance continues to be unacceptable you will receive three more reminders and then the Faculty will start the process withdrawing you from study.  This then results in your visa being curtailed (cancelled) by UK Visas & Immigration.

Needing Help?

If you are having difficulties with your studies or finding it difficult to attend do not ignore this. We strongly recommend that you talk to your Faculty or Student Affairs about your difficulties and we will see if we can help you so that you stay within the regulations. You can talk to one of the following people:

  • Programme Leader 
  • Personal or Academic Tutor
  • International Student Adviser (contact details here)
  • University Counsellor
  • Finance Adviser
  • University Chaplain