Visitor visas for friends and family University of Greenwich

If you want to invite a relative or friend to come and visit you in the UK and they need a visa, they will need to apply for a visitor visa at a British Embassy or High Commission. In most cases, the relevant visa is the 'general visitor visa.' They should do this in the country where they are living. They will find the information and application form they need from the visitors section of the UKBA website.

What documents do they need?

If applying under the General Visitor visa route, your visitor must show the Embassy some documents. These will usually include the following:

  • at least 3 months bank statements, payslips, or some other evidence to show that they can pay for the trip and that they have enough money to support themselves without working or getting any help from public funds
  • evidence that they intend to leave the UK at the end of their visit (for example, a letter from their employer)
  • proof of your registration at the University of Greenwich
  • a letter of invitation from you

Please check the Home Office information about the general visitor visa for more detailed information about documents required

Proof of your registration at the University of Greenwich

The only formal document you normally need from the University is a recent student status letter, which you can order online.

Invitation letters

Students sometimes ask us for an additional formal letter of invitation for their visitor, but this is not necessary. The visa section of the British Embassy in Beijing previously confirmed:

There is no requirement [to the university] to provide anything [more] than a letter confirming that a particular student is studying at your university [or that they have] been invited to a graduation ceremony. The other documents should be provided separately by the applicant.
Duo Duo Chai, British Embassy Beijing, Visa Section

International Student Advice Service (ISAS) staff can sometimes write an invitation letter on your behalf, but we would generally only do this if you can show us in a letter or email that the Embassy have asked for more information from the university than just proof of your registration.

Your letter of invitation

ISAS recommends to write a letter addressed to the Entry Clearance Officer at the Embassy where your visitor is applying for their visa. Recommended to include in your letter are the following:

  • the full name and date of birth of the proposed visitor(s)
  • their relationship to you (parent, friend, etc)
  • why they want to come and visit you (for a holiday, to attend your graduation, etc.)
  • how long they want to stay in the UK and, if possible, their proposed arrival and departure dates
  • where they intend to stay; if they plan to stay with you, give your full address
  • your own immigration status in the UK (for example, 'Tier 4 General visa')

What to do next

Send your invitation letter and proof of registration (student status letter) to your friend or relative so they can include them with their visa application. Do not send it directly to the Embassy. Again, you do not normally need any additional letter from the University of Greenwich, only proof of your registration.

Visas for awards ceremonies

Visas for awards ceremonies

Visitor visas for award ceremonies, both for graduates who have already left the UK and for overseas guests.