Requesting a CAS University of Greenwich

Please note: the information on this page applies to registered students only

We recommend you start preparing for a visa application at least 3 months before the expiry of your current visa.

If you are concerned about any of the above points or you have specific issues about the CAS which you would like to discuss, you can contact ISAS

Important notes

  • A CAS number is needed before you can make a Tier 4 visa application
  • The CAS Application process can take up to four weeks from submission of your completed CAS request form.
  • You must send your visa application before you submit or undertake your last item of assessment or your visa will be refused.
  • You must submit your visa application before your current visa expires; otherwise you may not be able to continue your studies.
If you are concerned about any of the above points or you have specific issues about the CAS which you would like to discuss, you can contact ISAS.

CAS request process

When you submit your CAS Request Form (see below), Student Centre staff will check to ensure the university has copies of required documents, such as your passport(s), visa(s) and the certificates or transcripts of the qualifications you needed to join the programme. If any documents are missing you will be asked to bring them to the Student Centre for scanning. We will also check we have an up to date personal e-mail address, because the CAS statement will be sent to your personal e-mail account.

The Process: 

  1. If you have studied anywhere in the UK other than at the University of Greenwich we will ask you to complete a 'Previous Study in the UK' form and you may be asked to supply additional documents relating to your previous study.
  2. We check your UK study/immigration history to make sure that the new visa application you intend to make will not lead you to exceed the Home Office's limit on study in the UK. 
  3. We will contact your academic faculty to request them to confirm your attendance, progress and expected programme end date. They also have to confirm to us that they support the issue of a CAS document to you.  If your faculty do not support the issue of a CAS for any reason, we will contact you by e-mail.
  4. You will be asked to book a place to attend a university Tier 4 Workshop. This is to support you to make a successful visa application. Attending a workshop is a requirement before the CAS can be issued.
  5. We will ask you to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds in your bank account or other financial documents to make a valid visa application.   The bank statement can be checked at the Tier 4 workshop, however if your bank statement is not available at that time you can show later. This is a requirement before the CAS can be issued.  If you have concerns about this point, please do speak with us for advice.
  6. The CAS is issued once:      
    • the above checks have been carried out,
    • confirmation is received from your faculty
    • you have supplied any requested documents 
    • you have attended a workshop and supplied acceptable financial documents.

Students requiring ATAS clearance

If you are studying on a programme which requires ATAS clearance, the university will need to check that you have clearance before a CAS can be issued. If your course details change, or your course end date is postponed for a period of more than three calendar months, you must apply for a new ATAS clearance certificate within 28 calendar days, regardless of when your immigration leave expires.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) say that they aim to respond to ATAS clearance applications within 20 working days. This does not always necessarily mean that the ATAS certificate will be issued within 20 working days. The process can take considerably longer and we would suggest you apply for new ATAS clearance 2 – 4 months before you wish to make your visa application.


PhD & MPhil Students who are receiving a scholarship or bursary need to provide written confirmation from their Faculty including the amount, the period covered and if tuition fees are paid by the university. Please check with your supervisor or Faculty Office. Bring this document to the Student Centre.

Apply for a CAS online

University of Greenwich CAS request form

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