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Chaplaincy University of Greenwich

The university Chaplaincy is both a place and a team of people known as chaplains. Chaplains are priests and lay people, men and women, appointed by their faith communities to work at the university. There is at least one chaplain based on each campus at the university and all the chaplains can be contacted out of hours.

Who are we?

University chaplains offer friendship, pastoral care in times of distress, advice, spiritual and personal guidance.

What do we do?

The Chaplaincy Team provide a valuable service to both students and staff.

Local places of worship

The Chaplaincy Team have produced a directory of local centres of worship encompassing a wide range of faiths.

Regular Chaplaincy events and services

Details of regular religious and social events held at each campus

Join the Chaplaincy mailing list

Please feel free to call, email or drop in on the Chaplains using the following contact details.