Student coursework hand-in room University of Greenwich

Room B57 Blake Building,
Medway ME4 4TB

Please read the accompanying guidelines on submitting coursework below.

Opening times for Medway coursework hand-in room
Date Opening times



Monday, 22 September – Friday, 12 December

8.30 – 4.00

Monday, 15 December – Friday, 19 December

12.00 – 2.00


Monday, 5 January – Friday, 3 April

8.30 – 4.00

Monday, 6 April – Friday, 24 April

12.00 – 2.00
Monday, 27 April – Friday, 26 June

8.30 – 4.00

Monday, 29 June – Friday, 18 September

12.00 – 2.00


While every effort will be made to ensure that the coursework hand-in room is open during the scheduled times, Faculties will be made aware of any unavoidable closure so students are not penalised as a result. Under these circumstances students should seek to submit their coursework at the earliest opportunity or at the latest on their next scheduled day of attendance.

Preparing your work for submission

Before you arrive at the coursework hand-in room please ensure your work is ready for submission.


  • The appropriate coursework header sheet is attached
  • It is collated and stapled, or in a plastic folder  
  • Any extra items, such as CDs and radios, must be firmly attached to the coursework

Receipt of coursework

Once coursework has been handed in and you have been issued a receipt, your coursework cannot be handed back to you.

Submission deadline

If you are handing coursework in on the deadline date given by your course tutor you must submit the work by 1.30pm that day. After this time your coursework will be marked as a late submission.

Please note that no coursework will be accepted at any other venue on the campus.

Submitting work when coursework hand-in room is closed

Students arriving when the coursework hand-in room is closed can post their coursework at the nearest post offices located in Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham high streets by recorded delivery. The coursework will be marked as received according to the date of the postmark.  

Please ensure the envelope is addressed to:

Coursework Hand-in Room
University of Greenwich
Medway Campus
Room B57, Blake Building
Central Avenue
Chatham Maritime
Kent ME4 4TB


  • Please arrive at the coursework hand-in room at least 15 minutes before closing. If submitting work on the deadline date, please do not arrive later than 1.15pm. Coursework received after 1.30 pm will be marked as a late submission
  • When queuing, please stand alongside the wall pointing towards the main door on to Central Avenue
  • If queuing outside the building, please stand along the building wall 
  • If you behave in a manner that is deemed inappropriate your banner ID will be noted and you will be reported to the head of your faculty for misconduct
  • The Student Centre is not able to answer any queries related to the coursework hand-in room

Late submission of coursework

The university has introduced a new regulation affecting the late submission of coursework, with effect from 2014–15.

If you submit a piece of coursework late, but within 10 working days of the set deadline for that coursework, your work will be accepted and marked. However, the mark will be capped at 40% (50% for postgraduate courses) if the work is of a pass standard.

The regulations remain otherwise unchanged, i.e., any piece of coursework submitted beyond 10 working days of the set deadline for that coursework will not be accepted and the mark will be recorded as 0%.

These regulations (5.23 and 5.47) are in the University Academic Regulations for Taught Awards.

Marks are not capped for late work covered by extenuating circumstances accepted as valid (see link above, Appendix C).

If you are unclear about the change please contact your Personal Tutor.