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Registration for new students University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich extends a warm welcome to all new students.
As a new student, there are a few procedures you have to go through in order to be fully registered and to access university facilities.

January, February and March 2018 starters

To ensure you can register, please check that you have completed all of the processes leading up to registration

When your record is ready for registration and registration is open, we will send two e-mails to your personal e-mail address. One e-mail will give you your portal username and the other your portal password, as well as information about how to register.

The registration process is in two parts:

Part 1: Online Registration

This part requires you to log in to the university portal and go through an online process to verify information about yourself and your new programme of study. You will also be asked for payment of your fees. Once you have completed Part 1, you will be given instructions about Part 2: Registration Checks.

Opening dates and times

Starting a programme in January 2018:

Online Registration will close* on Wednesday 14 February 2018 at 9am.

If you have not completed your online registration, please contact the Student Centre for additional guidance.

Starting a programme in February or March 2018:

Online Registration is currently open.

Online Registration will close* on Wednesday 28 March 2018 at 9am

*Tier 4 international students must register by the last date of acceptance given on their CAS statement and ensure they comply with UKVI regulations. Please read our Tier 4 international students registration page.

Getting started 

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Click the "Online Registration" button on the Home page of the portal to begin the process
  3. Read the guidance notes to help you through the process
  4. Check what to do if you need further help

Part 2: Registration Checks

Once you have completed Part 1: Online Registration you will need to bring the original documents that support your identity and qualifications as you declared them within the process.

To find out how to complete Part 2: Registration Checks, please choose one of the following options:

You are a student...

...studying at Avery Hill campus
...studying at Greenwich campus
...studying at Medway campus
...studying at a Partner College
...studying at a Network College
...studying via distance learning

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Your comments and suggestions

If you are returning to the university on a new programme of study after having completed an award with us in the past, you should have been allocated the same ID number as you had then. If that is not the case, ie you have been given a new student ID number, please email us at with your full name, your date of birth, the new ID number and details of the programme you completed as well as the ID number you had then, if you remember it. This will allow us to check your record(s) and make any adjustments if necessary.