New partner college students University of Greenwich

In order to benefit from our services and to ensure the accuracy of your student record, new partner college students should register with the university.

Welcome to all our new Partner College students.

Although you may be studying at one of our partner colleges, you are studying for a University of Greenwich award and are therefore classed as a University of Greenwich student.

In order to benefit from our services and to ensure the accuracy of your student record, we need you to register with the university.

Once you have completed Part 1: Online Registration, you need to print your summary of registration and contact your college about completing Part 2: Registration Checks. You will require the following documents to complete your registration:  

  • Proof of identity: a valid passport, EU identity card or British birth certificate accompanied by another photo ID
  • Original education qualifications/certificates, to match the qualifications you listed in the online registration process

Your Greenwich Gateway Card is produced and sent to you or your college about a week after you have completed registration in full (Part 1: Online Registration and Part 2: Registration Checks).

Important note

We cannot send you a card if we do not have a picture of you on record. If you are a new student and have not been able to upload a picture within Online Registration, please e-mail us an electronic picture at Your e-mail should contain:

  • your full name
  • your student ID number
  • your picture saved as your ID number (000xxxxxx) in the correct format

Should you need to contact a representative of your college regarding your registration, select your college from the list below:

Once your identity and qualifications have been verified, the information is passed on our Student Records Team to finalise your registration. Your registration is not complete without these final checks.

Getting started

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Read the guidance notes to help you through the Online Registration process
  3. Check what to do if you need further help