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You said, we did - feedback from Student Affairs University of Greenwich

Your feedback counts

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Student Affairs deliver a wide range of information and services to current students, from registration and student records management to support, welfare and employability services. Many of our services can be accessed via your campus Student Centre and online here.

Student Affairs constantly monitor and review our services to students. Your feedback provides essential information on how we can improve and innovate in our service provision, and in supplying this information you help enhance the student experience for your fellow students.

You can view some examples of feedback we have received and acted on below. If you wish to submit your own feedback, simply submit your suggestion or comment using the form at the foot of this page.


You SaidWe Did
You wanted your Greenwich Gateway card at the completion of part 2 registration.

We now provide you with your Greenwich Gateway card at the end of part 2 registration.

We also took on board your feedback that you wanted a card that would last the duration of your programme, so we now issue cards that will expire on the expected completion date.

You wanted immediate access to the library following registration

Greenwich Gateway Cards are activated on printing. you will have full access to library facilities within 2 hours of card activation.

This helped students access the brand new Stockwell site without fear of corrupting their card or experiencing queues at the Access Control elements at the building.

You wanted to be able to have a student status letter when you complete part 2 registration

We provided students with student status letters at the point of registration.

We also were able to have all styles of letters (including Council Tax) at the point registration opened.  This meant that no matter how soon a student completed registration (new or continuing) they could request letters for their councils; reducing additional anxiety.

You wanted registration to be open into the evening.

We opened registration at Avery Hill until 7pm on 2 - 4 September 2014, and at Greenwich on 8- 12 September & 15 -19 September

During the evening slots at Avery Hill we were also available to complete DBS checks and take the necessary payments. During these DBS sessions we were also available to provide guidance about the University registration process.

Why are you not open at the weekend?

during registration for the 2014/ 2015 academic session we were open during weekends. Avery Hill was open from 9am to 5pm on 6, 13 and 14 September, Greenwich was open from 9am -5pm on Saturday 13,14 and Medway was open from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 14 September.

This was a significant increase in the number of days and the number of hours per day we were open compared to previous years.

You said, I needed a reminder to come in and complete my DBS application.

We sent everyone who applied during main application session at least 1 reminder, some people had three.

We also used social media to promote the importance of DBS and the impact it could have on fees.

With the return of students from the Medway School of Pharmacy (Greenwich being the PAU) a comprehensive document was made and sent to each student (after the reminders) to explain the DBS, what the implications were and how they could use the update service to better support those with conditional offers.

The space for registration was too small at Avery Hill and Greenwich
  • We identified  better space at Greenwich and Avery Hill
  • Greenwich – more staff, more seating less standing 
  • Avery Hill – we  separated DBS application and interviews from Registration
You wanted to register earlier.Greenwich were able to offer flying start registrations meaning more students were registered, with cards and letters earlier than ever before.
You wanted TFL 18+ Oyster cards sooner
  • We trained up more staff and employed tighter controls to ensure valid and correct TFL Oyster Card applications were authorised faster than in previous years.
  • We also spent a significant amount of time during the spring leading up to registration ensuring that the quality of the application (ID numbers and end dates) were correct, which meant that continuing students  applications could be approved in a shorter period of time.
You wanted to speak on the phoneWe used a team  of experienced staff to man the IVR system so that there were quicker more detailed responses to all queries (including results)
You weren't sure what documents to produce at registrationWe used social media (twitter) and digital signage in some of the registration halls to give students more points of reference
Your photo looked too blurry / pixelated.We used new improved quality cameras during registration to increase the quality of the photos used for the Greenwich Gateway Card.

Student Finance

You SaidWe Did
It was difficult to have to get the Access to Learning Fund Form in person.

We put the form on line and introduced an online application form.

There should be more interactive workshops at induction.

We used an interactive quiz session which you told us you really liked.

The fee payment pages in online registration were confusing.

We put it all on one page so that you can see any discount or payments already made.

You did not want to queue up to get basic information.

We made some quick 'how-to' guides with web references and QR codes.

How can we see more easily what funds and bursaries we are eligible for?

We made an online interactive funds and bursaries checker so you could see what you might be able to apply for.

International Student Support

You SaidWe Did
It's difficult to find student visa application forms and information, where can I find it?

We created a detailed guidance booklet on the Tier 4 requirements and put it on the web. We also made a leaflet for you with links and QR code to our booklet and to UKBA's form and information.

You wanted to be able to come in to ask International Student Advisers questions about your Tier 4 visa application before sending it.

We created 'Tier 4 Surgery' appointments at the Greenwich Campus, which are brief appointment slots run every week, giving time to international students who need to ask questions about their visa application before sending it.

Guidance & Employability Team (GET)

You SaidWe Did
It would be useful to have more local volunteering opportunities for Greenwich students.

GET has developed successful collaborative relationships with local voluntary organisations such as the Lewisham Youth Offending TeamDiscover Greenwich and Catch 22 leading to an increased number of locally based volunteering opportunities.

Please provide more convenient drop-in times, evening drop-ins would be good.GET now provides Careers and JobShop evening drop-ins on Tuesday between 17:00 and 19:00 during term times. Where possible all daytime drop-ins are scheduled between 11:00 and 15:00 to coincide with peak hours and to allow students to visit during their lunch break.
I would like clear, easy to follow online guides about key subjects such as CVs.The GET online resources page was updated to include a range of 'How to...' guides on key employability areas such as writing a CV, preparing for interviews and completing application forms. These guides were updated and expanded in March 2012.
Rather than another lecture it would be better if workshops involved more student participation.

GET have now introduced a new workshop programme aiming to develop graduate employability skills. These new workshops are more interactive than previous sessions and focus on experiential learning, with students engaging in activities and paired or group discussions.

Student Centre

You SaidWe Did
It would be nice if staff wore something that identified themselves.

All staff have now been issued with name badges or they may wear their staff ID cards.

How about sourcing 'green' stationery?We have been ordering recycled printing paper and other sustainable products for quite some time. We continue to seek out sustainable products as part of the university's sustainability policy.
You need more staff over registration in September.We employ additional staff at registration to ensure students wait as little as possible but it will always be a busy time. We also encourage students to complete registration as early as possible in September to avoid queues and are open from the end of August to accommodate this. We keep registration under review and improve systems and services each year.
It would be useful to have a link from the exam timetable to how to get to the buildingswe added the link to our transport and campus maps on the exam webpages


You SaidWe Did
When will I get my certificate?

we have posted information on our website as to when you can expect your certificate and transcript

I would like to pay for the dispatch of my replacement certificate via recorded deliverywe have amended our form to request replacement and certified copies of certificates to allow you to choose a courier delivery


You SaidWe Did
You wanted to be able to go to a drop-in without booking an appointment.Non-bookable drop-ins are now available on all three campuses.