Registration for distance learners University of Greenwich

Welcome to all our new distance learning students. In order to open your access to the university's resources and to ensure your student record is up to date, we need you to register on your new programme of study.

Registration occurs in two parts:

  • Part 1: Online Registration which requires you to check all the data we hold against your record and arrange for the payment of your fees.
  • Part 2: Registration Checks is where we check your identity and qualifications.

Part 1 can be done remotely (on the web).

Part 2 (unless you are invited by your School to attend an induction day and are asked to provide ID and qualifications documents then) you will have to provide these documents by post. Copies of documents must be certified, i.e. signed and stamped by a member of a professional institution (doctor, police officer, teacher…).'

In such case, we need you to provide:

A. Proof of identity

If you were born in the UK, a certified copy of your original birth certificate, current passport, or new photocard driver's licence
If you were born outside the UK, a certified copy of your valid passport or European Union identity (ID) card.

If your passport is being held by the immigration authorities, the original official receipt and a letter confirming your name, place and date of birth is acceptable.

B. Original certificates for your qualifications

You must produce certified copies of the original certificates for your qualifications, including GCSEs or equivalent.

If you are given a conditional offer of a place, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have met the entry criteria for the programme.

Certified copies of these documents must be sent to:

University of Greenwich
Greenwich Student Centre
Park Row
SE10 9LS

Getting started

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Read the guidance notes to help you through the Online Registration process
  3. Check what to do if you need further help