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Apply for financial help during the summer University of Greenwich

The Summer Vacation Fund is opening on Monday 26th June

Some students can apply for financial assistance during the summer period.

Who is eligible?

Applications will be considered from the following students:

  • Non-final year students who satisfy one of the following:
  • Students with children
  • Student re-taking/re-sitting elements of their course
  • Students who are ill or have a disability and are therefore unable to undertake work, and are not eligible to receive benefits
  • Care leavers, carers and students who are estranged from their family

Application process?

Application forms will be available from Friday 23th June and can be collected from your local campus Student Centre Finance Team. Once your application form has been submitted along with your relevant supporting documentation, an email with be sent to your university email address to let you know the outcome.

Please read the information below before starting your application:

The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) is provided by the university to assist UK students who are experiencing financial difficulty which may threaten their ability to remain in Higher Education. It is intended to be a 'safety net' for students who have a shortfall in their income, not to support those who have mismanaged their money or simply overspent.

  • Students are assessed on an individual basis
  • Awards are subject to availability and meeting the qualifying criteria
  • The Access to Learning Fund cannot be used to help students meet the cost of tuition fees
  • All awards will be paid by BACS
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all supporting evidence is submitted