Sitting your exam University of Greenwich

Exam location

The timetable gives you the date, time and location of your exam. The exam may take place on a campus other than the one you are studying at, so please familiarise yourself with the site, building and rooms as well as transport to reach your exam venue in due time. Please check transport information and campus maps before your exam.

Things to bring with you

You MUST bring your student ID card with you on the day of your examination, failure to do so will prevent you from sitting the exam. Please also bring with you any equipment necessary to take the examination: pens, pencils, erasers, rulers etc as these will not be available in the room. 

No personal items can be kept at the exam desk. You may take into the exam room unwrapped sweets together with a small clear plastic bottle of water or soft drink.  All drinks are to be placed on the floor next to your desk. The Examination Guidance Instructions for Candidates provide further information on what you can and cannot take into the exam room.

Please do not bring any valuable items into the exam room.

Your conduct during exams

Please ensure you are familiar with the Regulations Governing the Conduct of Examinations.