Frequently Asked Questions University of Greenwich

The main university exam sessions will take place during January and April/May 2018. Some exams may also take place during August 2018, but only for those students who have started their programme in May 2018. A resit session will be held during July 2018. Exam weeks are outlined below:

Monday 8 January - Friday 12 January

Monday 30 April - Friday 18 May (no exams will be held on Monday 7th May as it is a UK Public Holiday)

Monday 16 July - Friday 27 July (resits only)

Monday 6 August - Friday 10 August

Your personal BannerWeb record will give you details of what exams you will have to take. Your faculty, department, programme leader or course tutor can also advise you. The published timetable will give you the dates, times and venues for your exams.

You can access your examination timetable in the same way as you do for your teaching timetable, via the Timetable link on the portal and via the student mobile app

In addition you can also access a faculty-wide exam timetable via the portal "my learning" tab which shows when and where all of your faculty's exams are scheduled.   If you are studying courses run by more than one faculty e.g. where you are studying a combined course, please ensure you check the relevant faculty timetables.

Although we do our best to prevent making changes to the timetable post publication, there are occasions when this is unavoidable and you are therefore advised to check your timetable carefully and on a regular basis for any last minute changes. We would especially advise you to check your timetable the day before your exam and again immediately before the start of the exam session.

Please remember it is your responsibility to check the date, time, venue and campus of your exam. Do not assume that you are in the same venue as your friend/classmate. Your exam may be taking place over several rooms so please read the timetable carefully to ensure you attend the correct venue.

Exams usually start at 9.30am or 2pm, but you need to confirm the start time of your exam by checking the Exam Timetable.

The exam timetable will show the date, the time and the location of your exam(s). You may be required to take your exam at a different campus to where you study. Directions and campus maps are available on the web. The inter campus bus may amend its timetable during the exams period. You should check the bus timetable in advance of your journey.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check the exam timetable to find out when and where your exams will be taking place. Do not assume that your exam will be at the same venue as your friend/classmate. Large exams may take place over several rooms and you should check carefully to ensure you attend at the correct venue.

You are advised to check the timetable carefully and on a regular basis for any last minute changes. This is especially important the day before your exam.

You are advised to make your way to the exam room immediately and report to an invigilator. If you arrive during the first 30 minutes of an exam you will be allowed to sit the exam but will not be entitled to extra time at the end of the exam. Candidates who arrive after the first 30 minutes of the exam will not be permitted to sit the exam.

If you arrive over 30 minutes late you should contact your Faculty Examinations Office to report your late arrival.

No. Students are responsible for checking when their exams are taking place by consulting the exam timetable on the university web pages. Faculty staff can advise you where to look or talk you through locating the timetable if you are having difficulties. You are advised to check the timetable carefully and on a regular basis for any last minute changes. This is especially important the day before your exam.

In devising the exam timetable, every effort is made to prevent exam clashes. If you have a clash i.e. more than one exam timetabled at the same time and on the same day, please contact your Faculty Exams Office immediately.

You will need to give your name and student IDnumber (beginning with 000 and found on your ID card), the course codes (e.g. ABCD1234) and full titles (not abbreviations) of the clashing exams.

If you forget your exam labels you must write your Student ID number in the space provided on the exam answer booklet instead. Full details about completing the front cover of the exam answer booklet will be announced by the invigilator at the beginning of each exam. Students studying at Avery Hill and Medway campuses should not use labels but instead write their student ID number in the space provided.

Your course tutor will be able to advise you. Calculators will not be provided by the university and will not be available in the exam room. You must bring your own, non programmable, calculator in to the exam with you. You are advised to check well in advance that your calculator is in good working order as we will be unable to provide a spare calculator or batteries.

University policy is that use of a translation dictionary, English dictionary or a thesaurus will not be allowed during exams.

You may bring water, a drink, sweets or a small piece of fruit with you for refreshment. Your drink must be in a plastic screw top bottle and not a can. Food e.g. crisps or a sandwich is not permitted.

Candidates with a verified medical condition will be allowed to bring a suitable provision.

You must bring your refreshment with you to the exam. Candidates will not be allowed to leave during the exam to buy a drink or snack.

You will be required to place coats, bags and belongings to the back or one side of the examination room as only the items required for the exam are permitted to be on your desk. Mobile phones, , iPads, smartwatches or similar devices are STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED on the exam desk or on your person during the exam. Invigilators must not be expected to, and will not, take responsibility for any students' personal valuable belongings. If you are not willing to leave such items in your bag then please do not bring them with you.

If, on the day of an exam, you are unable to attend for reasons beyond your control you must telephone your Department/Faculty and report your absence before the start of the exam.

Please be advised you will be required to provide your full name, student ID number, details of the exam and the reason for your non-attendance.

If you are unable to sit the exam due to illness you must complete and submit an extenuating circumstance form attaching the appropriate evidence in support of your illness e.g. a doctor's note.

The university is committed to providing an excellent student experience for all our diverse students. We recognise that the academic year is structured around the Gregorian / western calendar and the English public holidays and that on occasion this may mean that university activities coincide with religious festivals.

Under the Equality Act the university has an obligation to ensure that its practices do not disadvantage students. Students have no absolute right for their beliefs to be accommodated; however we will give serious consideration and look at 'possible reasonable adjustments to your situation in the context of others'.

Please inform your Faculty Examination Office in writing and no later than 2 weeks after the publication of the examination timetable, if one or more of your exams is due to take place during a religious observance that occurs over a restricted period (e.g. Eid ul Fitr, Shavuot, Shivaratri, Vaisakhi).  For logistical reasons, the university is unable to avoid scheduling exams during some longer religious festivals, such as Ramadan.  We will not normally be able to consider cases where it is expected that daily activities (including examinations) will continue as normal, nor will we consider applications for amendment to the examination timetable to enable a student to make a holy visit.

As soon as your results have been confirmed by the Progression and Award Boards they will appear on your BannerWeb account. They are then confirmed by a results letter. Please ensure your contact details are accurate in BannerWeb.