Completing your studies University of Greenwich

We hope that your time with the University of Greenwich has been a transformative experience and that you feel ready and equipped to embark on the next stage of your life; be it continued study or the world of employment and industry.


This information below is designed to help you prepare for what happens next in terms of your student status, your access to university services and how we can continue to support you after you have successfully completed your programme.

Your original certificate and transcript are important legal documents issued by the Conferments team in Student & Academic Services once your Faculty/Department/College has signed off your results and confirmed your award.

Your certificate and transcript are sent to your address (this will be your designated mailing address if specified on your record or your permanent address if not) within 4 to 8 weeks of your results being made official (i.e. you receiving your results letter). To ensure your address details are correct on our records before you complete your studies, check them on BannerWeb via the portal, or by contacting your Student Centre if your portal credentials have been disabled. Your documents are sent in the normal post, not recorded or tracked.

Please note: if the non-arrival of your certificate is due to failure to supply the correct address BEFORE your award is considered, then the university reserves the right to charge a fee.

Living outside of the UK?

If you would like your documents posted to you using DHL tracked post please download and fill in this form and submit with the appropriate fee.

Circumstances in which we keep your documents

Should you owe tuition fees money to the university at the time we are due to dispatch your certificate and transcript, we will keep your documents. You will need to contact us once you have cleared the money owed.

If you came to study on a tier 4 visa and our International Student Compliance and Advice team believes you have not met all the requirements of your stay in the UK, we will also keep your documents until they inform us we can dispatch them.

Collecting your certificate

Should you wish to collect your certificate and transcript, please contact us once you have received your results letter, as we will have to agree a date and time for you to visit our office on the Avery Hill campus. You will need to bring your student ID card.

If you are sending a representative to collect your certificate, please ensure they have a signed letter of authority and some form of identity (with picture) with them.

Contacting the university after you have graduated

Once you have graduated, you may need to contact us:

The Conferments team wishes you the very best with your future.

As a fully registered student of the University of Greenwich you have access to a variety of library and IT services (including access to the libraries on all three campuses, access to online journals, some disk space to store files and an email address) all the time you are studying.

After you have finished your studies with the University you start to lose this access and will be required to return any University property that you have been issued with (iPads, PRS hand-sets, laptops, library books, journals etc.).

When you have successfully completed your studies and this has been recorded officially by the University your IT account will remain active for the following 90 days, to allow you to access resources prior to graduation. This is the time to update your address information (see Addresses, Letters and keeping in touch for more detail), back up files and emails you wish to keep, change email subscriptions that use your Greenwich email address etc. After these 90 days of completing your award your student account will be disabled and you will not be able to access any files or emails that have been left on the system.

Although you will have some IT access after you have completed your studies and will be able to access the libraries for 90 days, your library borrowing rights will stop as soon as the completion has been logged against your record. This means that you will be able to enter the library but will need to return any library books (and property) as soon as possible and will not be able to take out any more books or renew any you still have. Yet as a former student of the University of Greenwich you are able to opt in to continue to use these facilities at a discounted rate (see Alumni and Continued Support for more detail).

Being a member of the University of Greenwich alumni allows you to access a number of additional services (some charges may apply) and continued support to help you progress with your future career plans.

The range of services that our Alumni can include:

  • The University libraries
  • Continued Careers advice from the Guidance and Employability Team
  • Discounts on postgraduate study
  • University sports facilities
  • Students' Union life membership
  • Reunion events

Some of these services are available automatically for a set period of time after completing your studies (e.g. careers advice) and some require you to register to the Alumni community and pay a discounted annual fee (e.g. access to the University libraries).

For more detail visit the University Alumni page or email:

To receive your results letter, your transcript and certificate you must ensure that your address details are up to date; remembering that we will always use the Mailing address (MA) as a first choice, followed by the Permanent address (PR).

The University of Greenwich expects all students to look after their own addresses, updating them as soon as they change. To check and update your addresses you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your Student Portal
  2. Go to the My Learning Tab
  3. Go to the Student Record (BannerWeb) channel and select Go to BannerWeb Main Menu
  4. Select the Personal Information Tab
  5. Select View / Update Address(es) and Telephone Number(s)
  6. Here you can view what the university holds for you and allows you to edit, delete or add a new address.

It is recommended that you check and enter a Mailing address (MA) before you finish your exams to ensure your result letters, transcripts and certificate go to the address you would like to receive it. The Mailing address can be where ever you like (including outside of mainland UK), but the University cannot take responsibility for delays experienced due to local postal services.

The University will not use any Term Time addresses, so if there is no Mailing address the Permanent address will be used. For International and European Students this is likely to be in your home country.

As well as keeping your Mailing and Permanent addresses up to date, it would also be worth checking your email addresses are accurate. After you have completed your programme the email address the University provided to you will become inactive after a certain number of days so please make sure your personal email is up to date (see IT, Library, Email and Access for more detail).

This makes it easier for the University to reply to any future queries you have and also means we can let you know about the work of the University and any services you can still access (see Alumni and Continued Support for more detail).