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Preparing for graduation and ceremony dates University of Greenwich

2018 Awards Ceremony dates

Online ticketing for the July 2018 awards ceremonies will open in March 2018.  You will receive a graduation invitation via your university and personal e-mail before this date, confirming your ceremony date and detailing how to register your attendance online for the awards ceremonies and purchase guest tickets.

Important, as all invites to register will be sent to both your Personal and University email accounts, please ensure that you keep your personal email details updated on your Student Portal. We also advise that you make a 'safe' contact on your personal email account. This is especially important for Hotmail users, as our emails can be treated as junk or spam mail. If you completed your studies in August/September 2017, you will be sent an invitation via email with further details. If you have not heard from us by the end of March 2018, please contact the Awards Office.

We strongly advise that students and their guests do not make any travel and/or accommodation plans until booking opens in March 2018 and you have confirmed your attendance. The Awards Office cannot be held liable for any travel or accommodation booked.

Please note, due to the detailed organisation necessary for each ceremony, we cannot guarantee to provide tickets for you or your guests if you apply after the published deadlines. Please do not leave your application to the last minute or wait for your results, as we do not have the flexibility to add latecomers. If we have not heard from you by the closing date, we we assume you do not wish to attend.

July 2018 ceremony dates

Faculty Date Location
BusinessMonday 16 July 2018Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
BusinessTuesday 17 July 2018 Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Architecture, Computing & HumanitiesThursday 19 July 2018Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Architecture, Computing & HumanitiesFriday 20 July 2018Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Medway School of Pharmacy - University of Greenwich & University of KentWednesday 25 July 2018Rochester Cathedral, Rochester
Engineering and ScienceWednesday 25 July 2018Rochester Cathedral, Rochester
Engineering and ScienceThursday 26 July 2018Rochester Cathedral, Rochester

October 2018 ceremony dates

Faculty Date Location
Education and Health (Health Graduates)Monday 22 October 2018Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich
Education and Health (Health Graduates)Tuesday 23 October 2018

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Education and Health (Education Graduates)Thursday 25 October 2018

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Education and Health (Education Graduates)Friday 26 October 201

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Application Information

Award Ceremony dates for 2018, and details on how to register your attendance, will be published on these pages in early 2018.

Please note, as all invites to register will be sent to both your Personal and University email accounts, please ensure that you keep your personal email details updated on your Student Portal. We also advise that you make a 'safe' contact on your personal email account.  

This is especially important for Hotmail users, as our emails can be treated as junk or spam mail.

Preparing for your graduation ceremony

Please read the information provided in the drop-down sections below for advice on how to prepare for your Awards Ceremony, including important information on booking tickets, gown hire and ceremony locations.

Booking my graduation tickets

To be eligible to attend the university's Awards Ceremonies you must have: 

  1. Successfully completed your programme of study 
  2. Have no outstanding tuition fees at the University of Greenwich 
  3. Confirmed your attendance and made any guest ticket payment online by the published deadline 

Please note that your place is not automatically guaranteed unless you have met the above criteria.

Although successful graduates are entitled to attend an Awards Ceremony, the university would like to encourage those graduates who have decided to progress to the next level of study, e.g. HND/Foundation to Degree, to delay their attendance and collect the higher level of award.

It is our policy to allow graduates to attend a university Awards Ceremony up to two years after they have completed their studies, and graduates wishing to attend should either contact the Awards Ceremony Office helpline on 020 8331 8772, or e-mail by the published deadline.

Booking tickets

Register your attendance and purchase guest tickets for your Awards Ceremony online.

Gown Hire and Graduation Photography

Awards Ceremonies are formal occasions, so please wear something suitably smart. Academic dress is not compulsory, although nearly all graduates do wear it. You will find it helpful to wear a buttoned shirt/blouse to help secure the hood in position. As you need to negotiate stone steps, we recommend you wear appropriate footwear.

For further information on Gown Hire and Graduation Photography, please click the link below

Gown hire and Graduation Photography

Full information on gown hire and graduation photography.

How many guests can I bring and are children allowed?

You can apply for a maximum of two guest tickets and we hope to issue all tickets as requested. There is a charge of £20 for each guest ticket.  Each ticket holder is allowed entrance to the ceremony, and to the reception where refreshments will be served.  Please note that guest tickets will not be allocated if payment has not been received.

Extra tickets

If any extra tickets become available, you will be notified by e-mail of the procedure for applying for these before your ceremony.

Can I bring my children?

Although children are welcome on site for graduation celebrations, it is the university's policy not to admit children under the age of five into the ceremony venue itself.

Degree ceremonies are quite long (about an hour and a quarter, further extended by the time sitting in the venue before the ceremony starts) and are not designed to appeal to young children.  We find that even well-behaved children find it difficult to cope with this and to remain quiet throughout the ceremony.

Please note that we are not able to provide any childcare facilities on the day and that a parent, guardian or family member must remain with children at all times.

All children aged 5 and over must be accompanied by an adult guest and have a seated ticket.

Disability and access

The Academic Registry are only required to make special arrangements, to accommodate you or your guests to attend an award ceremony, which are considered fair and reasonable.

We can provide the following:

  • Wheelchair access to the Old Royal Naval College Chapel and Rochester Cathedral, but you must inform our department by the Online Graduation deadline date.  The Greenwich venue needs this information by the deadline date to provide trained staff for the Stairmate machine on the day of the ceremony.  Please note that they are unable to accommodate electric wheelchairs, or chairs which exceed the maximum weight/width for the Stairmate machine (as stated on the special requirement form)
  •  A limited number of university-managed parking spaces are available onsite for anyone with mobility problems or holding a disabled parking badge.  Please note that this is on a first come basis, and you must make your request  by the Online Graduation deadline date
  • Sign language interpreters for graduates, who required them to assist in their studies at the university.  Please note that your request must be indicated to our department by the Online Graduation deadline date, or you will be required to make your own arrangements and pay all costs involved.  We are not able tro provide sign language interpreters for your guests

We cannot provide the following:

  • The hire of a wheelchair for use onsite on the day of your ceremony, as a graduate or guest who normally uses a wheelchair to move around should already own one, and be able to bring this along with them.  If you or your guests arrive without a wheelchair on the day of the ceremony, and need a wheelchair to move around the site, the university will not be held responsible, and you may not be able to access all areas of the site.

Please find below, further details relating to disability and access at the main venues.

Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich

The Old Royal Naval College Chapel has difficulties associated with providing access for anyone with mobility problems, which are common in historic buildings. The Greenwich Foundation for the Old Royal Naval College provides access for people with mobility impairment through the use of a motorised Stairmate. The Ancient Monument status of these buildings makes it difficult to find a permanent solution, although a lift has recently been installed in the Painted Hall.

It should be noted that the Stairmate equipment has its limitations; the maximum weight the Stairmate can hold is 200kg, which is the combined  weight of the wheelchair and its user. Additionally, the maximum width of a wheelchair is 69.6cm (27 inches) this is the overall width, hand-rim to hand-rim. Some electric wheelchairs will exceed these limits. Due to the technical specifications of this machine, we will need specific information regarding the wheelchair being used.

All wheelchair users planning to attend an Awards Ceremony will need to include their details when applying online. Please arrive outside the Chapel at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your  ceremony in order to be seated before other guests arrive.

For health and safety reasons, it will not be possible to accommodate more than four wheelchair users in the Chapel at any one time. It is therefore imperative that you advise us of your - or your guest's - requirements by the closing date.

There are a limited number of university-managed parking spaces available onsite for anyone with mobility problems or holding a disabled parking badge.

Important note: if you fail to provide adequate notice to the university that you or your guest is a wheelchair user, we will not be able to accommodate your requirements on the day and will be unable to allow entrance to the Chapel.

Getting around the Old Royal Naval College

Getting around the Old Royal Naval College

Advice on access from the official site of the Old Royal Naval College.

Rochester Cathedral

Access for wheelchair users - or anyone with a mobility problem - is not an issue at the Cathedral. The reception after the ceremony will take place in the Cathedral grounds. There are a number of disabled-parking spaces in the vicinity for holders of disabled-parking permits.

Rochester Cathedral visitor information

Rochester Cathedral visitor information

Directions to and information about Rochester Cathedral.

Applying for a visa to attend graduation

Please note: the information provided here is only general guidance. Requirements may vary from country to country and for the most up-to-date information, please check the UKVI website (see below).

Inviting your family to visit you to attend your graduation ceremony

If your family members require a visa to travel to the UK to attend your graduation, they will need to apply for a General Visitor Visa (VAF 1 A). For more information about this category, you may wish to read the information provided by the UKVI.

How can I help my family to obtain a visa to visit me?

You can help them by making sure they have the right documents and apply using the correct application form VAF 1 A which can be downloaded from the above website. In addition you should send them:

  • a photocopy of your passport (visa page and photo page) 
  • a photocopy of your university registration letter showing your course title and dates (Student Status letters are available via the student portal, but please allow 3 working days before collection) 
  • a copy of the e-mail you will automatically receive once you have registered and paid to attend the award ceremony
  • a letter of invitation.

What is a letter of invitation?

To help your visitor to get a visitor visa you can write them an invitation letter addressed to the British Embassy in your home country. Post this together with your supporting documents to your family or friends and they can submit them with their visa application and other documents. Each person you invite will need their own original letter and documents from you.

An example letter is available here Acrobat PDF file

You will have to provide financial evidence if you are supporting your visitors and if they are staying with you then you must supply your accommodation contract/tenancy agreement to show that you have room for them. If they are staying in a hotel then you can submit the hotel booking, or they can book their own hotel or show that they have funds to do so.

Visitor visas for students wanting to return to the UK for the ceremony

If you have left the UK, you can apply to re-enter the UK to attend your graduation ceremony by making a General Visitor visa application.  If you wish to bring guests with you they should also make visitor visa applications.

You can use your official results letter and also a copy of the information you receive from the Awards Ceremony department when applying for your visitor visa, to demonstrate the reason for your visit to the UK. The campus Student Centres do not produce special invitation letters for this purpose as it is not necessary for your visitor visa application.

More information on visas for international students, their families and their dependants can be found here on the ISAS website.

University of Greenwich Yearbook, Ceremony DVDs and Souvenirs

The University of Greenwich produces an annual yearbook for you to keep as a memento of your university life. If you choose to take up this option, it will be available for you to collect at your graduation ceremony. Information regarding the 2018 yearbook will appear here early in 2018.

DVDs of your Awards Ceremony are available to pre-order at You can also order on the day but please note that there are only limited copies available.

Download the Visions Unlimited order form Acrobat PDF file  


Remember your time at Greenwich with our university merchandiseAcrobat PDF file

Ceremony locations

Chapel of St Peter and St Paul

Awards Ceremonies on the Greenwich campus take place in the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul.

Rochester Cathedral

Awards Ceremonies for graduates on programmes at Medway campus take place in Rochester Cathedral.

Overseas Award Ceremonies

Overseas Awards Ceremony 2016

The University of Greenwich will be holding Awards Ceremonies on Sunday 20 November 2016 at Loke Yew Hall, The University of Hong Kong.

Academic Appeal Procedures

Your right to appeal

If you have grounds for appeal against a decision of the Progression & Award Board, your right to have your appeal heard is not forfeited because you have attended an Awards Ceremony, provided that your appeal is submitted within the time laid down in the Academic Appeal Regulations.

Cancellations, Refunds and the Data Protection Act 1998

If you can no longer attend a ceremony or you would like to cancel any purchased guest tickets please email the Awards Team to inform us of your change of plans three weeks before your ceremony. As long as you inform us in advance of your non-attendance or cancellation of guest tickets you will be eligible for a full refund of any guest tickets purchased. Please remember to include your student ID number on all correspondence.

If you have been informed by the Progression and Award Board that you have not completed your programme of study any guest tickets purchased will be refunded.  If you or your guests have their application for a visa to attend the ceremonies refused by UKVI, then please provide the Awards Team with proof of this refusal, and we will provide a full refund for any guest tickets purchased.  Please note that refunds can take up to 6 weeks to process following the awards ceremony. 

If we have to refund for guest tickets purchased from outside the UK, we are not responsible for any charges incurred in the subsequent refund transaction, and your final refund amount may be substantially lower than the initial ticket purchase price.

Should the request for guest tickets exceed the capacity of the venue, the university reserves the right to return unsuccessful applications.

Payment of cancellation refunds

Payments made to students are processed by Direct Bank Transfer, BACS. In order for your payment to be made directly to your nominated bank account you must enter your bank details directly onto the student portal under the My Learning tab. This is a secure area which only you have access to and will require your student ID number and PIN.

It is your responsibility to keep your bank details up to date. Failure to enter or update bank details will result in your payment being delayed or not issued. We do not make payments to third party accounts. 

Award Ceremonies and the Data Protection Act 1998

The university formally celebrates the success of its graduates at public Awards Ceremonies. The administration of the ceremonies involves the organisation and processing of personal data of large numbers of people, both internal and external to the university.

Personal data is processed prior to the ceremony, on the ceremony day and, to a limited extent, following the ceremony. This includes the marketing of the ceremony to the students and the receipt of data from the students regarding attendance and ticket requirements.

On the day of the ceremony, the programme will list the names and the Faculties of all graduates attending the ceremony. Degree classifications are not published. The public may order souvenir DVDs of the ceremony, official photographers are available for graduate and family photographs, and live Internet broadcasts of the ceremony may take place.

Graduates should be aware that:

  • At the ceremonies, names will be announced without classification and each ceremony will be recorded.
  • The publication of personal data in Awards Ceremony programmes, DVDs and, if applicable, on the Internet is regarded as a legitimate interest of the university. By participating in this public event, graduates consent to having their name and image publicly available within the context of the ceremony.
  • University staff will not disclose any details about an individual graduate, including time or date of ceremony, to any third party, nor will university staff process any requests for awards ceremony tickets from a third party. The student should make all requests for guest tickets. 
  • Where it is intended to use photographs of individual graduates to advertise future Awards Ceremonies, consent will be obtained. However, for general crowd shots of people at a public event such as an Award Ceremony, the consent of individuals will not be sought.

Contact the Awards Ceremony Office

The Awards Ceremonies, including the Awards Ceremony Helpline and Box Office are organised and run by the Academic Registry.

Awards Ceremonies Hotline

Tel:020 8331 8772 Telephone icon

Postal enquiries

All  postal enquiries should be sent to:

Academic Registry (Awards),
University of Greenwich,
306 Fry Building,
Southwood Site,
Avery Hill Road,
London SE9 2UG

E-mail enquiries

E-mail enquiries to the Awards Ceremony Office should be addressed to