After graduation University of Greenwich

Successful undergraduates of any discipline  may now have the option of studying further in the form of post-graduate study.* 

Programmes are at least one year in duration and can be studied full or part time.

Why go on to postgraduate study?

Some of the most popular reasons given by postgraduate students for undertaking further study are:

  • to take a vocational course and gain specific skills with a particular career in mind that may either build on their first degree or be a complete change of direction
  • that it increases their chances of a career in research
  • to continue studying and specialising in an aspect of their first degree that particularly interests them
  • to gain more qualifications in order to be more employable.
  • to put off making the big decision about embarking upon a career and finding a job!

Find out more

If you are interested in post-graduate study, find a programme at the university by browsing the online postgraduate prospectus and finding out how to apply.

* Postgraduate study is academically and intellectually more demanding than an undergraduate degree and requires the ability to study independently with little or - in some cases - no tuition.  For this reason many institutions will stipulate that a good first degree (minimum second class) is required as well as evidence of a strong interest in the subject.

Postgraduate fee discount for University of Greenwich alumni

A 10 per cent fee discount is available to all eligible students who progress from an undergraduate to a non-government/research funded postgraduate programme at the university. 

Do you know that as a former student you can continue to use the Employability & Careers Service (ECS) for up to two years after completion? This includes careers and skills-building advice , workshops and employment events.

If you would like help to manage your career after graduation, please use the professional services of the Employability & Careers Service (ECS). Contact ECS any time to arrange a discussion on your future.

Employability and Career Services

To search for graduate jobs, opportunities, and more register to our jobs board. You'll gain access to career events and have the option of being notified by email of new vacancies that match your preferences.

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey

Where are they now?

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey puts this question to every University of Greenwich graduate, as part of a nationwide survey conducted six months after graduation. The survey asks about your new occupation, whether you are working or studying, freelancing, travelling or volunteering.

How do I get my certificate/transcript after completing my studies?

Your certificate and academic transcript will be posted to your mailing/permanent address held on the university's student record system 4 to 8 weeks after you receive your results letter.  You are able to check and update your address detailed on BannerWeb via the student portalPlease ensure the university has your correct mailing/permanent address.

Please check the Conferments pages for more information, including collecting or not having received your certificate.

Keep in touch, get connected

The end of your studies here also marks the beginning of a much longer connection with the University of Greenwich.

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