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Students Seeking Private Accommodation

Students who prefer to live in local houses or flats can get help and advice from any of the university's accommodation offices.

The accommodation service has joined with a dedicated and expert software company – working nationwide with a number of universities – to offer all students a sophisticated, searchable on-line database of available properties. Follow the link below or go to the webpage that explains a little of how the system works.

Students searching for somewhere to live - houses, flats, lodgings, bedsits:

In the areas around Avery Hill & Greenwich campuses

In the areas around Medway campus

Accommodation offices are available to students on the three main campuses of the university and are open all year round. In order to use the private sector website, you will need to obtain a password. Please contact the Accommodation Service quoting your student ID and staff will be happy to provide you with a password to use this service.

The database of rented accommodation is maintained on-line and can be accessed by students directly from their own laptop, PC or from one of the university’s computer labs. You can use the service to help you locate whatever type of accommodation you are seeking - from bedsits and lodgings for one person on their own to house and flat shares for groups of students who want to live together. The accommodation staff will be happy to help you in your search.

You can also visit the Contact Us page for advice.

Accommodation staff can assist with guidance on where to look for somewhere to live, what prices you can expect to pay, the type of contract you might have to sign, the implications of any of your choices and how to help yourself when visiting properties and trying to decide what to rent.

Accommodation offices can also give general advice on tenancy matters. Specific legal advice on disputes in the event of court action cannot be obtained from the accommodation offices; legal advice is best obtained from a experts - a solicitor, law centre, Housing Aid Centre, Tenancy Liaison Office or Citizens Advice Bureau - and the accommodation office will be able to refer you to those who can help.

Don’t lose your vote!

Students can register at the local accommodation and get their names on the local electoral register. Exercise your rights! Contribute to the debate – follow this link to add your name: