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Students who have fully registered and have a picture on our system are eligible for a Greenwich Gateway Card.

You need your Greenwich Gateway Card to:

  • be able to present your ID on campus at all times
  • access and use the library
  • access the Stockwell Street building at Greenwich, where turnstiles only open with a valid card
  • access any other buildings of the university
  • print, scan and copy documents

Continuing students

Your Greenwich Gateway card is issued for the duration of your programme of study. However in order to renew your yearly access to university services you must ensure you have completed the registration process.

If you interrupted your studies, you will need a new card. If you are in attendance at one of our main sites (Greenwich, Avery Hill or Medway), please visit your Student Centre to get your Greenwich Gateway Card. If you are in attendance at a UK college or are studying on a Distance Learning mode, please see the appropriate section for you below.


New students at Avery Hill, Greenwich or Medway campus

Your Greenwich Gateway Card will be issued when you complete Part 2: Registration Checks at your campus Student Centre.

If you study with us on a Distance Learning mode, please check the information below.


Distance Learners and students at a Partner College, a Network College or a UK Collaborative institution

Your Greenwich Gateway Card will be posted to you once you have completed registration in full.

Your card will take a minimum of 5 working days to reach you. Please check on Bannerweb that we have the correct address on record for you. This may be either a mailing address, term-time address or permanent address, but it must be in the UK. When there is a choice between these alternatives the priority is always as follows:

  1. UK mailing address. If the student has a UK mailing address it takes priority over a term-time or permanent address
  2. Term-time address. If the student has a term-time address, which is always in the UK, it takes priority over a permanent address
  3. UK permanent address. The card goes to this address if there is no UK mailing address or term-time address

Students at European School of Osteopathy, North West Kent College and at Network Colleges (except St Vincent College and NESCOT)

Your Greenwich Gateway Card will be posted to your college, ready for you to collect. Please contact your institution to check when and where you can collect your Greenwich Gateway Card. 

Important note

We cannot send you a card if we do not have a photo of you on record. If you are a new student and have not been able to upload a photo within Online Registration, please email us an electronic photo at Your email should contain:

  • your full name
  • your student ID number
  • your photo in the correct format saved as your ID number (000xxxxxx or 00xxxxxxx)


Students at a Collaborative Institution outside the UK

Greenwich Gateway Cards will not automatically be produced for you as you study abroad. However, if you are visiting us and need a Greenwich Gateway Card, please go to your Student Centre and they will produce a card there and then for you. Please check our opening hours before you visit us.


Activating your Greenwich Gateway Card on your first visit to Stockwell Street

When first entering Stockwell Street, you will need to activate your Greenwich Gateway Card. The card will activate on first use at an online door reader or turnstile inside the building. It may take up to five seconds to register, so don't worry if it takes a short while to work. Please make sure that you leave the card over the card reader until you see the light turn green and you hear an audible signal. This will ensure that your card is activated properly and that your permissions are correctly set.

Once the card has registered, it should work with no further delays on subsequent visits.

This step is only necessary if you visit Stockwell Street.


Replacing your Greenwich Gateway Card

If you are based at Avery Hill, Greenwich or Medway, please go to your Student Centre. You are entitled to one free replacement card, thereafter we will charge you £10 for any further replacements .

If you are a Distance Learner or study at a college, please contact us by email to enquire about a replacement card.