University of Greenwich policies

We have policies and guidelines covering everything from academic procedures to achieving the best value for money in all university projects.

Find out more about policies in specific areas:


Access Agreements  

The University of Greenwich has long-standing commitment to widening access and maximising student achievement.

Biodiversity Policy PDF document

The university recognises it has a responsibility to manage any effects it has on biodiversity.

Carbon Management Plan PDF document

The plan sets out in detail the university's strategy for reducing carbon emissions over the next five years.

Collaborative Provision Strategy PDF document

The October 2010 Collaborative Provision Strategy.

Enhancement Framework PDF document

Providing a statement of general aims and principles for enhancement, which can inform interpretation and implementation of the Strategic Plan and its underpinning strategies – and defining the scope and objectives of the university's enhancement efforts.

Fairtrade Policy PDF document

The University of Greenwich aims to be a Fairtrade University, and works with the Fairtrade Foundation to achieve this.

Framework for Development and Amendment of University Strategies and Polices

The university's process for the development and amendment of Strategies, Policies, Procedures and Regulations.

Global Greenwich: Internationalisation strategy PDF document

The five-year strategic plan is designed to integrate and harness international activities at the University of Greenwich, as part of sustainable development and promotion of the university as a global university of choice for students, staff and partners.

Health & Safety Policy PDF document

The Health and Safety Policy sets out the university's commitment to health and safety, and details the organisation and arrangements in place to implement and monitor the Policy.

Human Resources Strategy

HR Strategy aims to support the Strategic Plan's commitment to encourage innovation in teaching, and to enhance the university's research and enterprise capability.

Information and Technology Strategy PDF document

This strategy outlines how technology will enhance our learning, teaching, research and enterprise.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The University of Greenwich is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.

Risk Management Policy PDF document

While the Court of Governors is responsible for overseeing the management of risk, we encourage all senior staff to implement a risk management policy.

Supplementary documents:

Strategic Plan PDF document

A summary of the university's Strategic Plan 2012-17.

Sustainability Policy

The university is committed to ensuring that staff and students understand fully its sustainable development policy, and that the policy is key in all aspects of our planning and activity.

Sustainable Food Policy PDF document

The university is working to incorporate environmental, ethical and social considerations into the products and services it provides.

Travel Plan PDF document

This plan is designed to meet HEFCE and university targets, and stimulate awareness of the implications of how we choose to travel.


Admissions Code of PracticePDF document

The document governs all applications to the university, and programmes taught at partner colleges.

Assessment and feedback policyPDF document

The policy assesses strategies that support the university's aim within the Strategic Plan 2012–17.

Guidance and employability policies

Meeting our objectives and targets for students' employability and placement opportunities.

Intellectual property policy

Addresses the ownership of rights in, and to, such property.

New arrivals and transition policy PDF document

The university aims to take a holistic and integrated approach to welcoming new students.

Personal tutoring policyPDF document

This policy is based on research reflecting the views and priorities of students and staff.

Quality assurance handbook

Procedures for approving, monitoring and reviewing the university's taught awards.

Research ethics policy

The university's commitment to high-quality research and enterprise culture, with the highest possible standards of integrity and practice.

Student charter PDF document

Produced in compliance with BIS and HeFCE guidelines, and essential to new students' information.

Student disciplinary regulations and procedures PDF document

This code applies to all students of the university when reasonably regarded as being under the jurisdiction of the university, or in a public place within the university's vicinity.

Students' union code of practicePDF document

The university's code of practice for the students' union.

Teaching and assessment strategyPDF document

This strategy focuses on making a positive difference to our students, staff and communities.

Human resources


Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

We are committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity, and this is central to our commitment to excellence.


Policy and procedures from 2014–2015 for the non-payment of tuition fees PDF document

Policy and procedures for the non-payment of tuition fees for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Ethical Investment PolicyPDF document

The university's Ethical Investment Policy is based on the principles set out in its constitution and mission statement, and on the values it upholds in public life.


While the university is willing to accept sponsorship from reputable companies, there are rules regarding the sponsorship of publications and events associated with the university.

Sustainable procurement policy

The university has a firm commitment to protecting the natural environment and improving the quality of life for everyone it affects of comes into contact with.

Value for money

The university recognises its responsibility to achieve value for money from all its activities. The draft Value for Money Policy outlines managers and senior managers' related objectives and responsibilities.


Information policies

Archiving Policy

The university's definition of its archival records and its responsibilities towards them.

Data Protection Policy

The university's policy on the personal information that it holds.

Records Management Policy

The university's objectives and responsibilities for the records that it holds.

Information Security and Assurance

Information & Library Services Policies

A list of policies relating to the use of library and computer facilities.

Avery Hill Campus Car Park Terms and Conditions  PDF document

Terms and conditions governing the use of the car parks at Avery Hill Campus.

Medway Campus Car Park Terms and Conditions PDF document

Terms and conditions governing the use of the car parks at Medway Campus.


Insurance Information

Details of the university's insurance cover for its buildings, contents, property and liabilities.

Physical environment

Health & Safety Policy

All the university's current health and safety information is available here, grouped by topic.

Space Management and Timetabling Policy PDF document

This policy sets out the required processes and procedures for acquiring, disposing of, and booking all university space – and applies to all faculties and offices.

Code of Practice for the Booking and Conduct of Events held on University Premises PDF document

This policy sets out the code of practice for booking rooms for events involving internal and external speakers.