Date of release: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A1804-Mark_Hainy_LPThe University of Greenwich is looking for former students who attended live music performances at Thames polytechnic over 25 years ago.

Approximately 100 double LPs (long-playing) records have been discovered in a basement at the university, containing recordings from local bands and others that played in the Cellar Bar at the Thames Poly Students’ Union, Calderwood Street, Woolwich.  

The university’s Alumni & Development Office would like to hear from the performers and anyone who attended the events from September 1984 to July 1985, and present them with a complimentary copy of the LP.

Artists included on the LP include: Sonic Youth, Bogshed, The Mekons, The Nightingales, The Very Things, Mark Perry, Big Flame, The Mission, and The Palookas.

The lost recording entitled Communicate!!!! was co-ordinated by Leigh Goorney and produced by Tom Greenhalgh. The red, white and black retro artwork was designed by Dave Eyre.

Mark Hainy, Head of Alumni and Development at the university, says: “The discovery of the LPs was a nice surprise and is part of the hidden musical history of south London. It would be great to hear from the band members who performed at the polytechnic to see what they are doing now, and also to hear from people who have happy memories of the live concerts.”


For further information, please contact:

Lee Armitt,

 Press Officer

University of Greenwich

 020 8331 942

Former students who performed at Woolwich and gig-goers who would like to get in touch to claim a copy of the LP, can contact:

Rik Godwin

020 8331 7836

Notes to editors

Picture: Mark Hainy, Head of Alumni and Development at the University of Greenwich, with a copy of the lost recording, Communicate!!!!

The University of Greenwich’s Alumni & Development Office is the main point of contact between former students and the university.

Thames Polytechnic became the University of Greenwich in 1992 when it was awarded university status.