Freedom of Information

How to make a request

To make a request for information held by the University of Greenwich under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, contact: or

Freedom of Information Officer
University of Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College
Queen Anne Court
Park Row, Greenwich
London SE10 9LS

Provide your full name and contact details, and a clear explanation of the information required. Requests will be responded to within 20 working days, subject to exemptions or clarification. We do not charge a fee, although if the cost of your request exceeds 18 hours, we are entitled to refuse it.

Exemptions we sometimes use 

  • The information is available by another means (Section 21 of the Act)
  • We intend to publish the information in the future (Section 22)
  • The information might prejudice law enforcement (Section 31)
  • The information might prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs (Section 36)
  • It is information about the environment, in which case we will respond under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (Section 39)
  • It is personal information (Section 40)
  • The information was provided to us in confidence (Section 41)
  • The information is protected by a legal professional privilege (Section 42)
  • The information is commercially sensitive (Section 43)


The Information Commissioner's Office oversees the legislation, and complaints can be made there. Complaints must first go through our internal review procedure:

Director of Governance & Compliance
University of Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College
Park Row, Greenwich
London SE10 9LS


The University of Greenwich FOI Log

The following documents provide information about the University of Greenwich's previous FOI requests.

FOI requests received in 2016.

FOI requests received in 2015.

FOI requests received in 2014.

Analysis of requests between 2014 - 2016.