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Key Facts University of Greenwich

Interactive Key Facts Dashboard

Due to technical difficulties all dashboards are currently unavailable.  If you require information from a dashboard urgently then please contact a member of PAS.

10 years of University of Greenwich data can now be viewed in the new Interactive Dashboard. This shows by whole institution, by faculty or by department the changes over time of key characteristics of our student population, including:

Study CharacteristicsStudent Characteristics
Mode of StudyAge
Level of StudyGender
DepartmentFees Residency
Location of Study

To drill down into the dataset, select a measure from the menu on the right of the dashboard. The data can be interrogated further by using the filters at the bottom of each page. You can select more than one measure to filter by at a time, so can use this to focus in on key subsets of the population. Please note that filters will stay on until cleared, and that multiple selections can be made by selecting whilst holding down the CTRL or SHIFT keys.

Please note that the historic data has been mapped to the current Faculty and Department structure. Please note that although the departments of Architecture and Landscape, and Built Environment moved to Stockwell Street in 2014/15, the move shows as 2013/14 in the data. This is due to the data being extracted from HESA submissions, data for which is sampled on the 31st October after the session has closed.

To view this dashboard, you will need to have Tableau Reader installed. This application is available through Software Centre, alternatively if you are using a Mac, or are not a member of staff at the University of Greenwich, please download Tableau reader.

Information is available for the sessions below. Data includes summary tables of:

  • Enrolments
  • Level of Study
  • Mode of Study
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • University Staff

Click on a session date from the list below or menu at the left to view the data.