Corporate services

Boosting business performance

We've helped a wide range of large organisations improve their performance – from Barclays to Boeing, to Pfizer and Rolls-Royce.

Research for businesses

We provide high-quality research, development, and consultancy expertise to a wide range of regional, national, and international businesses.

Training and development

Whether you run a multinational company or an SME, we can help you make the most of your talent.

Venue and facility hire

Our three sites across London and the South East provide ideal venues for events, fundraisers and celebrations.

Employer services

We can introduce you to thousands of current students and recent graduates who'll bring new ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to your business.

Media and Public Relations

We provide a 24-hour service for journalists: placing features, answering questions and arranging interviews with academic staff.

Planning and Statistics

The team to contact for useful data on the university's student population.

Procurement services

If your business can provide supplier, contractor or consultant services to the university, we want to hear from you.